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24 Jan

While having a lunch time blog hunt I came across these rather amazing images.

Struggling with inspiration at the moment but these at least made me feel a bit better.


[Comic to Counter]

15 Jan

Here’s a fact I bet you weren’t expecting: I love comic books, DC in particular. My dad collected them as a child and we have a draw full of them at home, perfect condition. If Blake Lively (who I love) and my comics were in a burning building, I would go for the comics first (paper burns fast you know). Obsessed some might say. I’ve seen every comic related film out there, including of course the Marvel ones. Indeed I’m writing this while wearing my Wonder Woman pyjamas.

To put it frankly I couldn’t be much happier about this new MAC Wonder Woman collection. According to this 32 piece collection will be hitting the UK in March 2011 – starting at Selfridges. I saw a sneaky peak in Vogue’s Catwalk Report and I’ve been lusting every since.

 The red lipstick in particular is my must-have. I’m very into the Parisian Chic flick of eye liner and the bright red lips (as seen on the Miu Miu SS11 Catwalk) at the moment and this Wonder Woman lipstick will be perfect! The packaging looks amazing, like toy makeup I always wanted to play with as a child.

MAC images found here

[Kate ‘pop art’ Middleton]

13 Jan

So Kate Middleton, future Queen of our fair country, graced the February cover of Tatler Magazine in an Andy Warhol style print.

I’m not sold on it. Thoughts?

[Too Cute]

10 Jan


8 Jan

I enjoy straight -up photos and out fit shots. I love a good quality pic, a clever angle and all the rest of it – but I’ve never seen myself as that kind of blogger. I’ve been asked a few times why I don’t have shots of myself on the blog and I don’t really have an answer. It’s not something I’ve thought of. I don’t dress in a quirky way, I’m not a fashion pioneer so it all seems a little alien to me. I don’t own a tripod and my boyfriend would probably laugh at how un-photogenic I am.

I hope that answers your questions 🙂


7 Jan


So I have some new for you:

Gossip Girl siren, and according to Karl Lagerfeld “A kind of American dream girl” Blake Lively has been confirmed as the face for Chanel – modelling the Mademoiselle handbag range from March. And of course Blake simply couldn’t be happier about her new role.

‘A dream come true is an understatement,’ she gushed. ‘I can say that I feel like the happiest, luckiest girl around.’

No sneak peaks of the images yet, but they will be featuring in all the magazines April issues. I.Cant.Wait.

Along the same Chanel lines, Freja Erichsen will be fronting the Spring campaign for the fashion house alongside Abbie Lee Kershaw. I have serious hair envy of Freja.

[Ain’t it Pretty?]

6 Jan

[Laugh Cry Repeat]

4 Jan

I’m excited. I’m not going to tell you why just yet, but I will do around mid Feb. These images are just a little teaser.



2 Jan

[New Year New You]

1 Jan

I suppose it’s only right to write a blog about my year.

A year of ups and downs – a year of change.

Where to start really?

The beginning of the year saw a lot of change. Discontent at my job led to taking a huge chance that paid off. Heartbreak ended in happiness. Taking a step back ended up being the right choice.

I moved back home into the countryside. Lack of ANY transport led to the purchase of my car. Needless to say the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased, but I love her (Fifi). It might sound silly but buying something like that was a big deal to me.

Lack of inspiration at one job left to taking on another, working 6 days a week for 6 months and blogging inbetween.  Busy days were what I needed. My luck changed and I landed my dream job full-time, followed my a mini promotion. Things were on the up.

Heartache left and was replaced by love once again. People grew up and things worked themselves out. A hard time turned into a great time.

It’s strange how much things can change in a year, through bad times and good. Of course I can’t finish without mentioning the start of my blog. After blogging most days for work I wanted to do more – got the blogging bug as they say. Justicepluskiss was born. I started not knowing when or if it would end. But here we are, still going along.

My blog is a place for things I like. It doesn’t follow a format or have a theme. I blog anything I like, from photographs and editorials to products, people and the countryside. I love that people speak to me and know my blog, they read it and they enjoy it. That alone makes it worth continuing.

I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this year as much as I have.


I look forward to it.