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[I’ve Moved]

31 Jan


I have some news – we have moved to a .com

Justicepluskiss will be no longer, instead is born. Fear not, all my favourite posts have been copied over – so you won’t miss out on a thing. I’ve posted a few new posts too but still have a little bit to go.

If you’re a subscriber, firstly thank you, secondly – please subscribe to Hannahs Note instead. It’s going to EVEN MORE fabulous.

Please please please pop over to Hannahs Note and let me know what think. The thousands of views I’ve had on this blog has been amazing, I’m really grateful to everyone whos given me a click.

I hope you enjoy the new blog as much as you have this one.






[It’s the End]

30 Nov

Well here it is, the end of Mo-vember. If things haven’t quite gone to plan in the tash-growing states, fear not. Cut and stick 🙂


6 Nov

[Freelance Work]

2 Nov


28 Sep

Oooo eeeee I am very excited! I just received my first birthday present (which no less came from my wish list).

A hugeeeeee massive thank you to MR.F over at Gentlemans Goods!

Now I hope this doesn’t mean I have to wait a month to eat/listen…


[Viva la France]

4 Sep

Currently hanging out in the Eurostar lounge, its really…clean.
Anyway, not sure on the wireless situation in the villa in heading to near Avignon, in the south of France. If we have internet, I will be blogging every now and again, if we don’t…well expect me back in 10 days!

Fingers crossed for sun!



[SW17 ♥]

30 Aug

Sorry for my lack of solid posts. My week has been totally mental. I’m even writing this from my bed (at half 9) on my phone.

Slowly this week I’ve been packing my life up into boxes and driving it back to Surrey, my new/old home. Working every day with no time off to move is stressful to say the least. I’ve been cleaning and packing none stop all weekend, pausing only to get drunk one last time with my flatmates.

Note to self: cleaning when hungover makes life a lot harder.

Some how though this morning it got finished. Landlady + happy = deposit back! Yay!

Moving home could have gone smoother. I decided it was the best idea to redecorate my room at my parents while also moving into it. This wasn’t an easy task and on reflection probably not a good plan. But somehow today I made headway. My postcard collection made it safe and sound back up onto a wall. I have some pictures up and my computer in its place. I’m starting to feel like I have a home again.

However this will have to take a pause while I pack to go on holiday on saturday! South of France. I can’t wait! Lying by the pool, reading, walking in the vineyards – peaceful. I can not wait!

In the mean time ill post some pictures of my old abode and the new room.

Fairlight road, its been good. Ill miss u and everything about u.

One very tired lady signing off for the night. ♥SW17♥

[Big Bang Big Boom]

24 Aug

This is long – 10 mins, but it is pretty amazing and weird…all at the same time.

They said that this video is “an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.”

Comments greatly appreciated on what you think…

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

[Kate Loves Me]

16 Aug

I don’t know how my online life was complete before I came across this blog.

Can’t believe I’m so late on the uptake.

Check it out.

Kate Loves Me

[Country Life]

15 Aug

Today I did a car boot sale. I made some cash then went to the near town and spent it. Circle of life. But while standing in the rain at 6 o’clock this morning, I remembered why I’m moving out of the city.

Yes the commute will be a bit…pants, but it will give me a good chance to read some good books (recommendations please) and chill out. And if it means I get to go to car bootsales, go on walks on farms and pick strawberries…well then I’ll just have to do it won’t I.

Also on a side not: Nearly got mugged while buying a train ticket at Vauxhall station on Wednesday night. Some cack-handed robber tried to grab my Miu Miu purse out of my hands. Either he was drunk or had very sweaty hands because it never managed to actually leave my hands. It was really strange. I just asked him what he thought he was doing (a bit louder and with some rude words). He ran away. Strange week.