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[My Baby Burberry]

19 Jan

Filmed on Brighton Beach (keepin’ it real) watch Cara Delevingne and Jacob Young frolicking¬†for the new Burberry Campaign



[Latest Fashion Darlin’]

17 Nov

Model Edie Campbell is the new It-girl on the London scene. A Burberry campaign veteran, Vogue model and girlfriend to Indie rocker Jonny Borrel – Edie is on the rise.

First it was the one and only Mario Testino who booked Edie for a Burberry group shot and stood the 15 year old right infront of Kate Moss. 4 years on at the ripe old age of 19, she has already starred in Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney campaigns as well as appearing in Vogue twice, the second time being featured as one of Vogue’s top 20 favourite models.

She has a grumpy pout which I find endearing and she certainly doesn’t try too hard – she is a one-off ¬†beauty.