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[Brits A La Westwood]

14 Jan

So the Brit Award nominees were announced last night at the O2 Arena. To be honest, although there is some great UK talent that’s not what I’m blogging about today. News came about that the usual glossy gold statue presented to winners was having a bit of a restyle – every year from now onwards a leading British designer or creative will be creating their own unique trophy – And who to choose for the first restyle? British fashion legend Vivienne Westwood of course!

The 2011 Brit Award stays true to her British punk roots using a Union Jack-style toga dress to cover the mini Britannia statue. With Westwood being Westwood the award supports her environmental beliefs with the slogan “Stop! Climate Change” emblazoned on the bottom.

“Vivienne stands for all the things we want to inspire in tomorrow’s generation of artists,” said Brits chairman, David Joseph. “She continues to be unique, innovative, not to mention massively inspired by music and vice versa. We’re honoured she accepted our offer of designing 2011’s trophy.”

I have to say I will be tuning in on the 15th of February just to see the award in action. Go Vivi!